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How to Have the Perfect Family Adventure in Snowdonia

With its rugged terrain, breathtaking views, and abundant wildlife, Snowdonia in Wales makes the perfect setting for an action-packed family adventure. But not just any old adventure will do! In order to have the perfect family adventure in Snowdonia, you’ll need to plan ahead and make sure you have all of the essentials before you go. Snowdonia is a beautiful part of Wales that is perfect for a family adventure. The mountains are towering and the coastline is wild, making it the perfect place to explore. Plus, there are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained.  Whether you want to go hiking, swimming or climbing – Snowdonia has it all!  There’s also the ancient town of Caernarfon where you can take scenic walks around Welsh buildings and visit galleries, shops and cafes. It’s a softer side to Snowdonia too with beaches and family attractions.


Snowdon is the highest point in Wales, and everyone should experience the thrill of standing on top of this mountain at least once in their lives. The views from the summit are breathtaking, and you can see for miles in every direction. Even if you’re not a seasoned hiker, there are plenty of trails to choose from that will suit your family’s needs. And what could be more fun than exploring the great outdoors with the people you love most? We might not recommend the famous Crib Goch arête, which is more advanced, but there are plenty of gentle hikes to take your little ones on without any major challenges or risks. 

Yr Wyddfa (Snowdon) Routes

  1. Llanberis Path: Ideal for Families & First-Time Climbers
    • Description: This is the most family-friendly route, known for its gentle gradient. Starting in Llanberis, it’s perfect for amenities and even has a small café along the way.
    • Suitable for: Families with children of all ages, especially good for less experienced climbers.
    • Distance & Climb: 9 miles, 3,199 feet elevation.
    • Start/Finish: Victoria Terrace, Llanberis; accessible by car or Sherpa Bus.
  2. Snowdon Ranger Path: Quieter Family Option
    • Description: Offers a balance between ease and scenery, with fewer crowds. Note a steeper section in the middle, but rewarded with views like Nantlle Ridge.
    • Suitable for: Families with children over 6 or those with moderate outdoor experience.
    • Distance & Climb: 8 miles, 3,071 feet elevation.
    • Start/Finish: Llyn Cwellyn Car Park; accessible by Sherpa Bus.
  3. Miners Track: Scenic Beauty for Families
    • Description: Known for its breathtaking views from the start, this path is scenic with historical sights like miners’ ruins.
    • Suitable for: Families with children over 8, especially those interested in scenery and history.
    • Distance & Climb: 8 miles, 2,372 feet elevation.
    • Start/Finish: Pen-y-Pass Car Park; pre-booking required, accessible by Sherpa Bus.
  4. Pyg Track: Shortest but Challenging Route
    • Description: Offers beautiful views and less walking due to starting altitude but includes a challenging rock scrambling section.
    • Suitable for: Families with older children (10+), who are looking for a bit of adventure.
    • Distance & Climb: 7 miles, 2,372 feet elevation.
    • Start/Finish: Pen-y-Pass Car Park; pre-booking necessary, accessible by Sherpa Bus.
  5. Rhyd Ddu Path: Quiet and Challenging
    • Description: One of the less travelled paths, offering tranquillity and challenging sections, with rewarding views of the surrounding ridges.
    • Suitable for: Families with older children (12+) or those with good hiking experience.
    • Distance & Climb: 8.5 miles, 2,936 feet elevation.
    • Start/Finish: Rhyd Ddu; has parking and Sherpa Bus access.
  6. Watkin Path: For the More Experienced Adventurers
    • Description: Starting near sea level, this route is for those seeking a challenge, featuring woodlands, waterfalls, and steep scrambles.
    • Suitable for: Experienced climbing families with teenagers or strong pre-teens (12+).
    • Distance & Climb: 8 miles, 3,330 feet elevation.
    • Start/Finish: Nant Gwynant; parking available and Sherpa Bus stop.



The coast is just as stunning as the mountains, and there are plenty of activities to keep everyone entertained. Water sports are a popular choice, for those who want to take things at a slower pace, there are plenty of beautiful beaches to relax on.  With so many coves dotted around, it’s hard not to find one that feels like your own secret paradise. One of our favourite places was Porth Oer beach which has the most amazing blue water! There are also lots of opportunities for spotting wildlife too; we saw an otter playing in the waves while we were watching them from afar. There’s also an abundance of other natural wonders such as the limestone rock formations that create these incredible caverns which can be found all along this coastline.

Best Beaches for families in North Wales

  1. Harlech Beach: Secluded Sandy Dunes
    • Description: Near the town for easy access to amenities, featuring significant sandy dunes and close to Harlech Castle.
    • Suitable for: Families of all ages, perfect for castle enthusiasts and nature lovers.
    • Features: National Nature Reserve, Site of Special Scientific Interest.
  2. Barmouth Beach: Bustling Seaside Resort
    • Description: Offers a mix of relaxation and activity with its harbour and sandy landscapes. The town provides vibrant holiday vibes with dining and entertainment.
    • Suitable for: All family types, especially those seeking a balance between adventure and leisure.
    • Features: Family-friendly, water sports, ample amenities.
  3. Aberdyfi Beach: Postcard-Style Scenery
    • Description: Flanked by colorful houses and set between mountains and an estuary, offering picturesque views and coastal walks.
    • Suitable for: Families who enjoy scenic beauty and long walks; ideal for children and adults alike.
    • Features: Sandy beach, picturesque surroundings, ideal for walks to Tywyn.
  4. Llandudno Beach: Family Fun Haven
    • Description: Features two distinct beaches: North Shore for family activities and West Shore for quieter moments.
    • Suitable for: Families with children, offering varied experiences from busy to tranquil.
    • Features: Two beaches, Victorian pier, suitable for relaxation and play.
  5. Lligwy Beach: Hidden Gem
    • Description: Offers a wild and natural look, less crowded, close to the charming village of Moelfre.
    • Suitable for: Families seeking a quieter beach day and nature enthusiasts.
    • Features: Secluded, wildlife, near to Moelfre village.
  6. Porthor Beach: Whistling Sands
    • Description: Known for its unique ‘whistling’ sand, secluded with potential wildlife sightings.
    • Suitable for: Families interested in unique natural phenomena and wildlife watching.
    • Features: Unique sand, secluded, wildlife opportunities.
  7. Morfa Bychan Beach: Charming Dunes
    • Description: Features accessible dunes and a nearby village for exploring and dining.
    • Suitable for: All families, especially those looking for a mix of beach time and village exploration.
    • Features: Dune system, nearby village amenities.
  8. Porthdinllaen Beach: Unique Beach Pub
    • Description: Home to the famous Tŷ Coch Inn, offering a unique beach bar experience in a fishing village setting.
    • Suitable for: Families who enjoy dining by the beach and exploring quaint village life.
    • Features: Beach pub, fishing village, scenic views.
  9. Barkby Beach: Water Sports Paradise
    • Description: Ideal for water sports enthusiasts with options for peaceful walks to Gronant Dunes.
    • Suitable for: Active families and nature lovers, best for older children and teens interested in water sports.
    • Features: Water sports, nearby nature reserve.
  10. Penmon Point Beach: Breathtaking Lighthouse
    • Description: Known for its picturesque lighthouse and pebble beach, inspiring for artists and photographers.
    • Suitable for: Families who appreciate natural beauty and historical sites.
    • Features: Lighthouse, pebble beach, artistic inspiration.
  11. Newborough Beach: Forest and Sand
    • Description: Offers a stunning combination of forest and beach, perfect for walks, picnics, and wildlife spotting.
    • Suitable for: Families of all ages, particularly those who enjoy varied landscapes and nature activities.
    • Features: Forested area, expansive sandy beach, wildlife spotting opportunities.


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