Simple Welsh Terms
  • Simple Welsh Terms



    Welcome Croeso
    Hello Helô
    How are you? Sut ydych chi?
    What’s your name? Be(th) ydy dy enw di?
    My name is … Fy enw i yw…..
    Pleased to meet you Mae’n dda gen i gwrdd â chi / Neis cwrdd â chi
    Good morning Bore da
    Good afternoon P’nawn da, Prynhawn da
    Good evening Noswaith dda
    Good night Nos da
    Goodbye Hwyl
    Cheers/Good health! Iechyd da!
    I don’t understand Dw i ddim yn deall
    Excuse me Esgusodwch fi
    How much is this? Faint yw hwn
    Sorry Sori
    Thank you Diolch
    Where’s the toilet? Ble mae’r toiled