Thursday, 27 July 2023

A Comprehensive Guide to Exploring the Wales Coastal Path

Are you thinking of walking the Wales Coastal Path? This guide will be a fantastic companion for you on your travels. If this is something you’re toying with the idea of, then be sure to read this handy guide. Along the way you are sure to come across gorgeous surf beaches, amazing views and much more.

Best time of year to travel

Welsh weather can be unpredictable, you might have the most fantastic day ever with bright, vast open blue skies, or you could have three weeks of rain and clouds! Summertime usually offers some lovely sunshine when you are lucky, but you should be prepared for rain showers. If you want to go in the winter, then bear in mind that it can be harsh, however, if you are blessed with good forecasts, you can enjoy the journey nevertheless. When it comes to North Wales in the wintertime, one disadvantage is the limited daylight hours, plan shorter walks on clear and calm days for the best results. Services and facilities are also more readily available in the summertime thanks to the tourism industry being in full swing.


The Wales Coastal path is nicely signposted with the iconic ‘dragon shell’ icon all along the route, thus it is easy to follow along, especially in the more rural areas, you may need to be a tad more attentive when passing through towns due to the many distractions that you are likely to encounter. The path is well maintained with various assistance for walkers like steps, stiles and footbridges that are maintained with you in mind.

Planning and getting around

Wales Coastal Path is thankfully chock-full of options for exploring it along the way. The adventurous wanderers among us may want to tackle the entire journey in one fell swoop, and the rest of us mere mortals may want to break it up into several sections over the years – there’s no one-size fits and that’s the real beauty of it, you’re able to have it your way! Transportation is extremely convenient, and numerous stretches of the coast are accessible via railway and buses. Walking from station to station is a very popular option, and you can explore different sections by train or bus with some great help from various transport services that are plentiful along the way.

Cycling and Accessibility

While the Wales coastal path is primarily for walking, particular sections are suitable for cycling along, which makes it very accessible for the likes of wheelchair users, pushchairs, and other wheeled products. Dedicated cycle-ways can be found along the coast, which offers a varied experience with wildlife, diverse scenery, history and heritage.

Depending on your preference, you can drive to a base or stay at Snowdonia Hotels. The Black Boy Inn Caernarfon is fortunately located along the route which just a short detour required. We welcome folks who are making the journey, especially those who decide to make the most of being in this iconic castle town as a way to rest along their journey.

Food and drink

Sampling Welsh food and drink is something you absolutely must do along the journey. You may need to pack supplies for some stretches of walking so be sure to check the map and plan restock options accordingly. Bear in mind that more places are open in the summertime, which may make it a better option to travel that time of year.

Additional Information

For additional information, visit the Wales Coastal Path official website. This also offers free downloadable leaflets for you to make use of in the planning process of this incredible adventure.