Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Snowdonia in the Wintertime

We know that this winter is a little bit different from all those that have come before and that it’s true that many people this year won’t have the chance to visit.

However, for those who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to walk amongst the mountains of North Wales, we have a list of some fantastic winter wonderland wonderings for you to enjoy this festive season. Whether it’s a walk in the mountains, a woodland stroll, or even a lakeside bumble – Snowdonia does have something for everyone at all times of the year.

Here are some of our favourite spots:

Llyn Idwal

The Lake in the centre of Cwm Idwal is quite possible at its most beautiful in wintertime (believe it or not). Cwm is Welsh for a 3-sided valley, the likes of which you find between two mountains or in the shadow of a large sprawling one. Thanks to its shockingly gorgeous mountain backdrop, when there is a swirling of mist overhead, coupled with a dusting of snow on the mountains behind it, Cwm Idwal creates a welcome sight for sore eyes. When the lake freezes, the textures created on the water’s surface contribute to an even more breathtaking visage. This is a suitable walk for people of all ages and great fun for the whole family for a mini-adventure. There is an easy-to-navigate path that will take you directly to its shores, it’s also a great spot for lovers to explore on a romantic winter walk. You will be treated to an outstanding panorama on the trek there all year round.

Gwydyr Forest

One of the largest forests in Wales, you are treated to surprisingly awe-inspiring alpine scenery. This largely coniferous forest is an abundance of nature, whispering mist overhead is a commonplace sight to behold. If you go in the wintertime you would be fooled into thinking you were somewhere in the Alps or the Pyrenees with the pine trees cloaked in a layer of white powder. The area usually sees a lot of rainfall which makes it an ideal place to grow such trees, but never fear, just get yourself layered up and set off on your otherworldly alpine adventure. There are a wealth of paths and routes to explore as you dive deep into this woodland paradise.

Pinnacles Walk – Capel Curig

This beautiful mountain walk from the village of Capel Curig to Llyn Crafnant is a local favourite, you just need yourself a decent pair of walking boots and a nice toasty jacket and other winter gear you want to keep yourself warm in. (Don’t forget a thermos of tea or coffee). You won’t need to be clambering up any icy slopes so you can tackle this path all year round. Along the way, you will be treated to stunning panoramic views over to some of the larger and more famous mountains of Snowdonia in the distance.

If you have the gear (and some idea) you could think about climbing up some more intimidating slopes, but make sure you do the due preparation and check the weather forecast – the last thing you want is to be caught up in bad conditions without the correct equipment.