North Wales is often referred to as one big playground and that’s quite true: you may well feel like a big kid with any one of these adrenaline-fuelling activities below.

Zip World / Go Below

You might have heard about Zip World and Go Below already as their unique allure has been well-documented. Not afraid of heights and relish something out of the ordinary? Then zipping down a line from high on up should be your idea of heaven. Love to bounce but bored of the same old back garden? The guys at Go Below flip that on its head and invite you to come and flip on a trampoline in underground caverns. If you’re looking for accommodation near Zip World, then we are also in the prime location!

Anglesey Circuit

A slightly more conventional day out welcomes you with either of the three racing attractions below. If you have a grudge against someone and want to beat them or if you simply want to get in the spirit of things and careen around a race track with friends, these are perfect for you.

Rib Ride

Not afraid of getting wet in the Menai Strait? Rib Ride invite you for a day out on the adventure boats, operated in collaboration with Bear Grylls. If you really want to hit some knots on the beautiful waters of North Wales, the thrilling RIB boats they provide might be just what you’re after.