Thursday, 2 November 2017

Welsh Estuaries of Legend

All along the 900 miles of beautiful welsh coastline are wide craggy inlets and open bays where some of Wales’ many lively estuaries flow swiftly into the ocean. The Welsh estuaries are some of the gorgeous examples in the world. Where the river meets the sea, it creates a unique environment that is a marvel to gaze upon. These gorgeous rivers are the perfect spot for anyony who is thinking of staying at hotels Caernarfon.

Dee Estuary

The river dee is of Wales’ most famous, and longest rivers. This mighty river begins life in the mountains of Snowdonia, before snaking through the landscape of North-East Wales, and coming to rest in Liverpool Bay. This is located between the coasts of Wales and the peninsula of the Wirral.

The Dee Estuary begins at Shotton, Flintshire, it’s one of the largest and most important wetland sites we have on earth. This is because it is the home of thousands of migrating birds which make their home in this area for winter, ready to take advantage of the vast swathes of mud planes and jutting reeds

Before this however, this was an area of prominent industrial activity, the site started to get a bit silty over the 18th century, and so the transportation ships moved over to the deeper Mersey Estuary for ease of access to the metropolises of Liverpool and Manchester.













It’s an official Site of Special Scientific Interests and home to three bird reserves.

Mawddach Estuary

The estuary of Mawddach is a very famous and beautiful place, located on the East-West Coast of Wales, nearby to the seaside resort town of Barmouth. It’s one of the most revered tourist spots in the country. It boasts a magnificent backdrop in the form of the southern hills of Snowdonia National park.

William Wordsworth is known to have holidayed in this region, he described this in his writing “I took a boat and rowed up its sublime Estuary, which many compare with the finest in Scotland. With a fine sea view in front, the mountains behind, the glorious Estuary running eight miles inland, and Cader Idris within compass of a day’s walk”.













Severn Estuary

The River Severn is the site where the longest river in all of the UK meets the ocean in the Bristol Channel. This estuary is also where the rivers Avon, Wye and Usk meet. The Severn estuary becomes the aquatic boundary between England and Wales. This estuary is the forefront of environmentally friendly renewable energy initiatives to harness the potential of the brilliant tidal range.













Conwy Estuary

The Vale of Conwy charges through the North Wales countryside, with its origins in the Llyn Conwy and carving a valley down the side of Snowdonia National park. The estuary itself is where you will find the monolithic Conwy Castle overlooking the afon Conwy with its three bridges hanging over it. Conwy estuary is the location of the RSPB bird reserve where you can commonly find some of the rarest birds, both native to britain and migratory. This beautiful area of the world is only 30 minute drive from hotels in Caernarfon.