Wednesday, 2 February 2022

Things to Try in North Wales 2022

Black Boy Inn

Come and try our fantastic pub, restaurant and hotel. This year we’re pleased to announce that It’s the Black Boy Inn’s 500th birthday. That’s half a millennium of great food, ales and lodgings! While management would have, of course, changed hands many times over the years, we have tried to keep the Inn as close to its traditional roots as we possibly can – while, of course, adding modern comforts (not to mention menu options!). We are looking forward to celebrating this in full over the coming weeks and months – watch this space to see how you can get involved.

Zip World

Flying through the air at high speeds on a high-octane adventure – it’s something that generations of the past could only dream of. Today, thanks to cutting edge engineering and technology, you can fly over the beautiful Snowdonia landscape, with views of the quarries and mines that our forefathers would have worked tirelessly in order to put food on the table and contribute to the economy of Wales (which once upon a time accounted for most of the slate production worldwide). Zip World has several sites over north wales – including Zip World Velocity, Titan and Fforest – this means that you have your pick of locations and experiences to have.

Climb Snowdon

Perhaps the pinnacle of north wales attractions, Yr Wyddfa (also known as Snowdon) is the highest mountain in all of Wales and is also much higher than any across the border in England too. As such, it’s really no surprise that people come from far and wide in order to mount this spectacular summit. We have additional information on how you can go about doing this. Afterwards, why not come on down to the Black Boy Inn, and enjoy a well-earned meal, and a mug of ale to reward yourself for an arduous challenging ascent.

Paddleboarding in Llanberis

Why not get yourself a paddleboard and take to the waters of Llyn Padarn. On a still day, this Llyn looks completely glassy and serene – ideal for a day of calmness and adventure to boot. You can get hold of quality paddleboards, either for just the day or to purchase from the lakeside centre of Snowdonia Watersports. While you are here you can visit the lone tree, which is an Instagrammer’s favourite when it comes to photography and videos.

Explore castles of the past

North Wales really has no shortage of castles. Did you know that Wales has more castles per square mile than any other nation on earth? Quite a shocking statistic hey? For that reason, we recommend making the most of it and visiting some of these historical, stone marvels for yourself. Why not start with Caernarfon’s own castle, which is steeped in medieval history. The Welsh flag flies high above this glorious stone fortification as a symbol of the area’s proud and friendly folk and the history that came before.

If you need any other advice, get in touch with us today to see about accommodation and other things you can do.