Sunday, 2 March 2014

Queene Rixon returns at 103 years young as one of the original residents of the Black Boy

Queene Rixon is one of the oldest guests to ever stay at the Inn at 103 years young. Not only that but she actually lived at the Black Boy in her early years with her auntie.

Queene stayed this Saturday night with her family and remembered the public bar area from when she was a young girl. She also remembers disposing of the dregs of bottles that were left in the morning and her first taste of beer.

She lived in station house until her mother died when she was very young and then moved to the Black Boy with her auntie who had the surname Roe. The auntie also died when she was about 13yrs old and she moved to the south coast with another family member.

Queene was a nurse in the war who served in Italy and was mentioned in dispatches and was decorated with the Tito medal.

It was a joy for all the staff and myself to see this lovely lady return to the Inn. I just hope I can get up the stairs as fast as she still does when I reach that age.