Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Going Green at the Black Boy Inn

We all have seen on the news and in the media, the world is in the midst of a climate disaster and we all need to do our bit to help the environment. Here at the Black Boy Inn, we have been working towards becoming more environmentally friendly. We have decided to put together this article which details what steps exactly we have been taking to help our business and community to move towards a more ecological future and way of life.

Having taken steps in previous years to be an eco-friendly business, we are taking even more in 2021 in order to work towards being one of the most sustainable businesses in the area. Check out some of our eco-friendly features below!

  • 7 New electric car charging points.
  • Purchase of Vegetables from local named UK suppliers when possible.
  • Welsh Meats purchased whenever possible.
  • Local baker used for bread supply.
  • Sachets in all food areas were removed and replaced with paper ramakins.
  • Reduction of gas usage by ovens turned down when not in use.
  • Co2 reduction in cellar areas by using our own compressor.
  • Paperless check-in and invoicing of rooms.
  • Remove all small plastic bottles from rooms. Bulk dispenser to replace shampoo etc.
  • Towels replaced on request only.
  • Bedsheet changing during stay on request only.
  • Rooms are not serviced during multi stay nights unless requested.
  • All extra room goods are provided in reception by request only.
  • Heating maintained at a comfortable temperature unless otherwise requested.

We hope to help encourage others by doing what we can right now. It may not be much but every little bit counts, and if enough people do what they can, things will really start changing for good!