Friday, 20 May 2016

On Our Doorstep: Caernarfon Castle – Interesting Facts

caernarfon castle

                                                                                                                                           Image by Hefin Owen / Creative Commons Licence

Every single day we wake up grateful for our fantastic location in the heart of Caernarfon. It is our absolute pleasure to welcome many guests that come to us for both accommodation and dining experiences, of which we have developed lovely rooms and an equally high quality menu and dining setting.

While we are well equipped for visitors inside of the Black Boy Inn, we encourage visitors to get out and explore the medieval town of Caernarfon, enjoying the many wonders both in and outside of the immediate area.

One of the landmark attractions in Caernarfon is the commanding Caernarfon castle, that towers over the town providing an exceptional piece of architecture for locals and visitors to enjoy. While viewing the castle from afar is an undoubtedly interesting experience, taking a wander around the castle grounds, climbing the towers and learning about the history of the castle are all highly recommended activities.

It is only fitting to provide visitors to the Black Boy Inn with an overview of the history and some of the most interesting facts that you could learn more about on your trip to Caernarfon.

Fact #1

Caernarfon castle was constructed by King Edward I of England to help in his conquest of Wales. The site was chosen as it had very convenient access to the sea and was a previous site of a Norman castle.

Fact #2

The castle was built during the 13th century and was at the time (and still today) an incredible piece of architecture that used many new design features. The architect that designed the castle was James of St. George, who had worked on several other castles in Wales.

Fact #3

Some of his design features used on Caernarfon castle are thought to have come from ideas he picked up whilst on his travels in the Middle East. Examples of these features include coloured stone sections and square structured towers that had eight sides, rather than the usual rounded choice that most castles opted for. Some of these towers have got stone eagle symbols on them, as a tribute to the king.

Fact #4

The castle was built with walls around the town, of which sections of it are still present today. The castle itself is equipped with many defence features, including arrow slits for shooting arrows from and ‘murder holes’ that were frequently used to pour boiling liquids over attackers.

Fact #5

During the early 15th century, Welsh ruler Owain Glyndwr launched attacks on Caernarfon castle in a bid to recover ground within Wales. The castle was built so mighty that it withstood two attempts. In 1646, Parliamentary forces took over the castle during the English Civil War.

Fact #6

Caernarfon castle was largely neglected for the years following the Parliamentary forces take over up until the late 19th century, where much of it was restored. Caernarfon castle played host to the crowning of Prince Charles – King of Wales in 1969.

Hopefully this overview will prepare you for an interesting trip wandering around the grounds of this superb establishment. Feel free to drop by for a drink and bite to eat, or for those staying, check out our accommodation options in Caernarfon. Explore our Local Attractions and enjoy our warm and welcoming accommodation, food and drink.