As synonymous with Wales as the common leek, it’s hard to imagine this beautiful region of ours with no castles dominating the horizon, asking you to uncover their history. There have been countless books and songs dedicated to these wonderful landmarks but unless you’ve visited one, you can’t really say you know all about them.

Caernarfon Castle

Just a short distance away from us at the Black Boy Inn, Caernarfon Castle is one of the most expensive castles ever assembled and it’s not even finished yet! The great expense of building the famous structure was one of the many reasons why the Welsh rebelled against the old English rule and even won once or twice.

Beaumaris Castle

Much like Caernafon Castle, Beaumaris Castle was an English construct that’s main purpose was to act as a spearhead for Edward I’s conquest of Wales. Also just like Caernarfon’s, Beaumaris’ castle was never fully completed but is still a beautiful sight to behold for many visitors each year.

Penrhyn Castle

Confusingly, Penrhyn Castle can’t actually be classified as a castle as it more fits the bill of an elaborate country house than a menacing fort. What the locations lacks in defensive practicalities it more than makes up for with its stunning design and captivating gardens. That’s what you’d come to expect if it fetches a price of an estimated £50,000,000.