Tuesday, 7 June 2022

Caernarfon Mega Secrets

Caernarfon is an ancient town with many years of secrets, in this article we take a dive into some lesser-known places.

Stryd Y Llyn / Pool Street Passage

There was recently shard that there is a passage under pool street, which links several shops on this street together. While this is not accessible, you can enjoy the sights by watching this video exploring the subterranean secrets of this town provided by the Daily Post.

Caernarfon Bath House

Before baths and showers were found in the homes of the general public, people would need to use a public bathhouse to maintain their personal hygiene. This bathhouse still exists today, it’s located in The Institute Building which is now home to the Caenarnarfon Town Council chambers, which were built in 1884 – the baths were a part of this building from the very beginning. By the time 1969 came around and the baths were closed, most houses in town had their own bath, which eliminated the need for these shared public baths.

Caernarfon Mithraeum

Segontium was home to a legion of Roman soldiers during their occupation of Britain, in fact, Segontium is thought to be the administrative hub of the UK at one stage. 

While it is known that Romans worshipped the pantheon of Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and others which our planets are named, there were other cults and religions that came to light in these times too. This includes Mithraism, which worshipped the holy figure Mithras who represented light and goodness. There is a site located in close proximity to the Segontium fortress which is the temple of Mithras. In the past, it was located 137 metres North East of the Roman Casta of Segontium on the outskirts of what is today modern Caernarfon in Gwynedd, Wales.  Today it has been completely lost to time, but we can still learn about it here. 

Engedi Chapel

This amazing building was where the founding of the Welsh Colony of Y Wladfa in Patagonia was first discussed and has been disused for a number of years. Finally, it’s been renovated by a community of artists located in North Wales. We look forward to seeing this transformation take place and encourage projects that bring restoration to our town.