Tuesday, 27 September 2022

5 Spectacular Seaside Sights in North Wales

North Wales is famous for its location alongside the ocean, with many different beachy locations to enjoy. In this article, we will fill you in on some of our favourite.

Ynys Llandwyn

Standing on the edge of the world-famous Newborough Beach is the tidal island of Ynys Llanddwyn, not only does this isle have its roots in some of Wales’ most quintessential legends, but it’s also a spectacular place to behold in its own right. It takes a little walk to get to this fair isle, and you must go when the tide is out (it’s a tidal island after all), or you may find yourself unable to access it, or even get stuck on the wrong side! Timing is everything with this one!


This spectacular Italianate village sits on the shores of the Afon Dwyryd estuary, and it is positively a shining jewel in the crown of north wales. Originally built between 1925 and 1975 by architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis as a passion project, it is now something we, all of us, may enjoy.

The Great Orme

Rising out of the Creuddyn Peninsula is this hulking limestone mass known as the Great Ormes’ head. ‘Orme’ believe it or not isn’t a Welsh word, but instead comes from old Norse, meaning ‘Wyrm’ or ‘Sea Serpent’, as this is what the Vikings would see in the rock formation as they sailed past on their longboats. The Great Orme is home to the oldest mines in Europe, thought to date back to the Bronze age, they are filled with caves of all shapes and sizes which makes it a geological and archaeological wonder. It’s also home to the Great Orme Goats which are well-known tourist favourites the world over, after their garden invading antics were exposed via viral videos of them munching on hedges and lawns of nearby residences.

Porth Wen

A lesser-known oceanside marvel is this Victorian Brickwork, which is located just across the Menai Strait on the isle of Anglesey. This abandoned construct resembles something from another world, the kilns and buildings all red and overgrown with vines. This is a staggering sight that anyone with a bit of a nose for adventure would surely enjoy.

Penmon Point

Close to the Anglesey town of Beaumaris is a lonely lighthouse which sits at the mouth of the Menai Strait and alongside the monolithic isle of Puffin Island. This lighthouse is fantastic for those of you who are hungry for photographs of your trip to North Wales, as it is absolutely an iconic site to behold. The beach itself is also a beautiful spot to enjoy a scramble on the rocks to inspect the many rockpools. It’s also known to have bioluminescent plankton when the weather conditions are right!

We hope these 5 spectacular seaside sights of North Wales have tickled your fancy and that you are feeling inspired from your next seaside jaunt to the oceanside wonderland of North Wales. With the seaside beaches, cliffs, islands and resorts available, – there is something for everyone, and you can barely resist enjoying the fresh ocean vistas from any of these amazing natural features.

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