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Indoor Activities


Is the weather less than accommodating as it so famously can be in Wales? It shouldn’t pose a problem to your holiday as there is still all manner of exciting activities that you can enjoy whilst staying dry.

King Arthur’s Labyrinth in Machyllneth is a popular destination for those wanting to discover more about the local area and the mythos surrounding the labyrinth itself. If taking a boat ride in darkness as an ominous boatman recounts tales of the great king sounds like a great time, you’re going to be in for a treat.

Not too dissimilar from the labyrinth, the Sygun Copper Mine is a fascinating escapade underground into the industrious past of North Wales. The sight of the old mine all lit up is not something you will forget in a hurry and one of the main reasons why it’s earned many tourism awards over the years.

A far gentler pace awaits at the Woollen Mills in Trefriw for those with the patience for tapestry. To say that it’s an art form might not be far from reality as the amount of dedication and intricacy which goes into each piece is not to be undervalued.

If the name Indigo Jones doesn’t sound familiar then his fantastic achievements as one of the original British architects is to be admired. The visionary’s craft within slateworks is plain for all to see at Indigo Jones Slate Works: the perfect day out for those with a love of history.